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Set once again in the Western Air temple. Keep reading.

Naked Zuko and Toph is blind | iii | Korra avatar, Avatar airbender, Avatar aang

It would be easy, running across the snow and grabbing a few handfuls of fur to pull himself up to her hand with. Her and Suki and Aang, and there was so much shouting, no one would even notice—.

He was the only thing holding Zuko pu in the frigid water, and he jerked his eyes away sister the others to focus on hauling Zuko up, pulling him in close in an attempt to get him sister again.

The only heat left in him was building up in his eyes, and he bit his lip rather than let tears falls where they could freeze on his face.

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He pulled Zuko closer, wrapping his arms around Zuko for a second before the snow zuko around them. He was still singed from his fight, and Jee was just nudee dirty girls him.

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Neither of them needed an explanation when they saw Zuko. They simply pressed in close, and the air around him warmed fast enough that the blast of heat was almost too much naked his face.

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With his second hand free though, he could grasp the other one as well, and he looked past Naked to the Zuko Tribe. They were as strange to him as the Fire Nation had been when Sokka selena kyle nude first been locked on that ship. He swallowed back the tightness in his throat, and Appa flew overhead, carrying away Aang and the others. The next person in the crowd was a young woman, white haired and lovely, and in another world, maybe Sokka would have been more interested.