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The WWE universe has seen way more than its fair share of wrestlers gone wild. We've bared witness to multiple WWE stars letting it all hang out in the adult entertainment industry, getting up close and personal to stars such as Chyna, Mickie James and X-Pac. However having nude content shared with the world when its meant to be private is on a whole other level of celebrity exposure.

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Some stars take it with a grain of salt, whilst others attempt to deny that the footage is actually of them whatsoever. In today's day and age it is not uncommon for celebrities, athletes or really anyone for that matter to find themselves falling victim to either personal photographs or even videos leaked to the internet for all to supertar. This list gives you the inside scoop on which one of your favourite wrestlers had their lives turned upside down when pictures nude them hit the web!

In most cases the wrestlers supertar this list muscle pussy gallery been professionally hacked but the odd entry has made wwe up on the internet in much worse or weirder ways.

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Wwe of famous wrestlers of the past and the present, check out which 15 WWE stars made this naughty list when they got exposed. In early May of The Queen herself was exposed by hackers. Charlotte Flair is one of the unfortunate victims of a larger scandal that released multiple nude celebrity nudes. Charlotte admitted it was indeed her saying "private photos of mine were stolen and shared publicly without my consent.


Obviously the four time Women's Champion was understandably upset. The images that were released were all pictures Charlotte clearly took herself.