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DeepNude was meant to work on women, specifically.

Woman Gets Sent £30 For Nudes But Sends Pics Of Chinese She Bought Instead

Vice reported that it would insert a vulva, in place of pants, in a photo of a man. On Wednesday afternoon, I clicked on a picture over a woman on a website naked Deepnude. Suddenly, her outfit disappeared, and naked breasts were on my computer screen. It nakedgirlswithhotrods transfixing and nauseating. A day later that website had disappeared; its creator apparently had a crisis of conscience.

But they certainly looked like it.

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And such AI-crafted images are likely to keep spreading: The anonymous person behind the app, who reportedly spoke with Vice, said DeepNude was trained on over 10, photos of naked women and used the AI technique behind many deepfake videos, known as generative adversarial networks, or GANs. The swift rise women fall of DeepNude shows there is a demand for such software. According to GoDaddythe service through which DeepNude. A message sent to the domain registrant via GoDaddy received no immediate response, nor did a tweet directed at the DeepNude Twitter account.

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