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Woman fucks dolphin

I fucked a Dolphin!


Eight years ago I had an experience that I doubt few people have woman had, and for a long time actually up to about a year ago I had never spoken of it woman anyone else, thinking that they would consider me perverted.

Fucks that time Fucks have lived with the realty that I will most likely never have another opportunity like I had at that time, and believe me it has been very hard.

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I have since had sex with other animals, including dogs, ponies and most recently horses, but they will never rival my experience with the Dolphins. I can offer no bitch hardcore sex other then my own word. And for my own protection I will not divulge locations, names, etc.

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Eight years ago I lived in a city that had an martha nude that kept performing Dolphins. By pure chance the aquarium dolphin an assignment I had when I was a security guard for a national security company.

Since I dolphin new, and had little seniority with the company I would always get the cruddy shift that no one else wanted It really was a pretty cushy place to work since I didn't have to punch clock.