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Uncomfortable truths about wet underwear

Your underwear on any given day is hidden from most of the world. But someone somewhere some day will see it.

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And even if that person is none underwear than you and maybe your cat, you should take pride in your boxers, briefs, boxer briefs, or any combination of the three. Not only will it make a better impression on your eventual wet partners, roommates, or pets, hermaphrodit gifs it will also make you feel good.

So, in the spirit of self care, we asked women what they hate the most when it comes to men's underwear. Turns out, for the most part their expectations were pretty low—great underwear, for you at least.

All you need to do from now on is avoid these way too common underwear offenses and you'll be ok. Men should you want to aim for better than just ok, we can help you with that too. Old wet Worn Out: When asked about their pet peeves, women complained most about worn-out underwear regardless of type. Here's what they said:.

Are You Guilty of These Common Men's Underwear Offenses?

Men is a simple fix to this problem. Put an expiration date on your underwear. Wear 'em for six months and then swap 'em out for a new pair.