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I was due indo sexy teen a complete annual physical and Weighed had recently changed practitioners.

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Once in the exam room, the young nurse asked me to get undressed and step on the scale, without any mention of 'leave your underwear on' or 'here's a gown'.

Soon I was nude and getting weighe….


Soon I was nude and getting weighed. She had a look of surprise but didn't say anything.

Why was I weighed nude at the doctors office?

For the height measurement, she had to stand quite close and accidentally weighed against my growing nude. By the time she took the waist, nude and hip measurements to add to the BMI calculation, I was at full attention. I've shaved my pubes for years, so that might have caught her attention too.

We stood there for a few minutes discussing tibetporno general health. Other than a lovely smile at my throbbing cock, she was very professional.

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She stayed in the room when the doctor joined to do the physical, I was nude the entire time. The doc was an attractive lady about my age. My erection subsided about halfway during the upper body portion of the exam but during the skin check and testicular exam, I was fully hard. The DRE for the prostate check was super erotic!