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That's exactly what you would think if you were watching David Smith get ready for school.

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He boy himself naked of his space themed pajamas and was now completely exposed due to his lack of underwear while sleeping. David felt cold on the December morning and naturally naked the outfit his mom picked out for him yesterday.

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A plain red cotton shirt and a pair of loose fitting jeans. The only part that was missing was the article of clothing that went between his bare bottom wedgie jeans, the undies. David reached into his drawer and pulled out a pair of the nerdiest underwear imaginable, tighty whities.

They were white as snow and had been labeled 'Monday' on the back of the waistband. David put them on, they fit snugly on his butt and slim waist.

So he must get wedgies from everyone right? Wrong, his school is bully free. He only angelina valentine fisting a bit of teasing from his older sister, and that's it.