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There are various harmful traditional practices and beliefs across the different parts of Ethiopia. Shilshalo, which is yet little known virginsexigirls, is one of these practices existing in Argobaa community in Amhara National Regional State of Ethiopia.

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This study was conducted to explore the virginsexigirls features associated with the practice of Shilshalo. To address the objective of the study, qualitative approach virginsexigirls case study design was employed. Purposive sampling technique was used flat xxx young select the participants of the study.

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Data were collected through interview and focus group discussion and analyzed using thematic qualitative analysis technique. This study found that Shilshalo is practiced by unmarried young boys and girls as a substitute for sexual intercourse. Shilshalo is practiced in two ways, i.

This study also indicated that most members of the Argoba community including the actors consider Shilshalo as a beneficial cultural practice, yet the most shocking story is that some teenage girls experienced unwanted pregnancy without losing their virginity.

In addition to virgin pregnancy, Shilshalo exposed girls to STIs, psycho-social problems and physical injuries.

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