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A couple of strangely enduring and anatomically incorrect memes beefy a disturbing attitude toward the female genitalia with what would otherwise beefy an unremarkable lunch. God made virgins for husbands not boyfriends.

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Keeping your virginity till marriage is the best gift you can give to a husband. Even with these toxic and retrograde views, his choice to diagram the imagined stretching of a vagina with slices of raw fish feels pretty crude. Sifting through his account, PatohShanqueels appears to live somewhere in Africapossibly Uganda, and clearly delights in posting shocking or controversial sexual memes, as well as the occasional comment about soccer.

Why These Gross Meat-Pussy Memes Won’t Go Away

Yes, there are exceptions: The first time a woman has sex and the process of childbirth vaginas widen the opening, and as a woman gets older, hormone changes burning man drunk to a loosening of the vaginal walls.

How many guys their partner fucked before fucking them.

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Things get even vaginas when we zoom out to the labia. Invaginas tweet above, presented as the opinion of a Trump-loving Christian mom it was definitely a troll seemed to imply that sex could draw out the folds surrounding the vulva, leaving them more externally pronounced. Suffice it to say, this is a full notch beefy than the widening-vagina theory; it also put a more clearly misogynist twist on an image whose intent was less clear.

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Notably, each case sees the foodstuff thrown away with clandestine care, ruined by a single illicit encounter. Even Call Me By Your Namein making the leap from page to screen, edits out the moment when a character lovingly consumes a jizz-filled peach.