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It was a little past ten o'clock, and the weather outside was clear and gusty, typical of winters among the sand pines nude coastal North Carolina.

Inside the Nude Photo Scandal That Rocked The Marine Corps

The woman—call her Judy—was checking into a new unit. She'd come to CIF to collect her standard issue of combat equipment. Marines Judy stood among the rows of stacked body armor, Kevlar helmets, and camouflage hiking packs, an infantryman fucking warrior women Brenden McDonel, who was standing a few places behind her in line, pulled out his phone and started surreptitiously taking her photograph.

McDonel didn't know Judy, but that didn't keep him from posting the pictures to a private Facebook group called Marines United. Within minutes of that first post, dozens of members of Marines United chimed in.

United States Armed Forces nude photo scandal

Others suggested sexual acts. And throat.

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And ears. Both of them. Video it though. As they advanced through the line, McDonel continued to stalk Judy, shooting photos and posting them to Marines United.