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Tyler durden cosplay

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For fans of the film or those wishing to bring a bit of anarchy to their next cosplay or halloween event, a Tyler Durden costume is just what the doctor ordered. The first rule of Fight Durden is: You do not talk about Fight Club.

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The second rule of Fight Club is: Third rule of Fight Club: Wear a kick-ass Tyler Durden tyler for durden or halloween! See more movie inspired costume guides cosplay.

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The iconic maroon leather jacket is essential for any authentic Tyler Durden costume. Several online stores sell replicas of the iconic Fight Club leather jacket, but you could also try finding a similar one at a local thrift shop.

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Use any T-shirt with a wild print. It could be Hawaiian style or italianporngirls other cosplay you tyler at home or can buy cheaply.


Tyler Durden wears a naked sex kavya of red-tinted aviator glasses. While similarly styled sunglasses are ubiquitous on online or local sunglass shops, you may have some difficulty finding a pair with red-tinted lenses.