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The actor: Since making his motion-picture debut in the comedy The RitzTreat Williams has rarely been without work, shifting between the big and small screens with relative ease and nude in genres ranging from cop dramas Prince Of The City to musicals Hair to comic-book adaptations The Phantom.

Great fun, great writing, and it kind of bookends Prince Of The City upskirtpussyteen me. You know, I was the young kid cop, baby face.

So I need people to watch it, so I can go back next year and do more of it. The A. Well, I think all actors aspire to series television.

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I mean, a lot of us do, anyway. I did, I think, four or five features in the last two years, so I do a lot of them.

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Twenty-three burns you out. But this is just so delightful, treat not being a lead character gives me an opportunity to rest.

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So working with Lester was, like, mind-blowingly exciting to me. And he was a great comedic director, williams the play had been a great success on Broadway.