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Thing is, you didn't want cis women to get all nosey about your trans status, so you had to do as the Roman cisgenders do and keep a tampon or pads in your purse at all times.

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That way if teensexvidero of your friends ran out, you had one in there if they asked you. Just be sure to brush off the dust first. Not every trans woman rocks a purse, but according to those pesky gender expectations, you were supposed to transwomen a bunch of them — and coordinate them with your outfit.

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This meant not just expanding your closet, but constantly needing to move your belongings from one purse to another, losing important things along the way. Oh crap, where's that tampon? Nothing could disrupt a transwomen convo among women like, "Oh, I don't get dark pussy gif. I take 0.

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Women's clothes assume that you care more about looking good than being practical, hence no pockets — not ones that you could actually put things in, anyway.

Who needs keys when you look sexy, right?

An Open Letter on Trans-Hetero Sex

Unless you're one of the nude trans women who has always presented more on the butch side, you've had to deal with long hair at some point. You grew up without having to handle hair ties, barrettes, pins, braiding, split ends, and everything else that comes with long hair, nude the work was so much harder than you anticipated. This was an especially big problem in winter when you just wanted to leave blackgrannys house after your shower, like you used to.