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Orgasms Trans Women Can Have

Transgender, I recently read an article on Freevideopassedout by Barbara Ward enlightening readers to the great versatility of the female body to experience an incredible variety retro interracial orgasms.

Like any woman, I thought — Wow! How many of these have I experienced or can experience? My somewhat unique position as a transgender woman opens up a raft of squirt yet surprisingly similar experiences but also potential for so much more.

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As a pansexual trans woman who began her transition in her late twenties I have experienced sexual pleasures from a multitude of perspectives with a multitude of different kinds of sexual partner. I was pleased transgender say my list was almost complete, but also had a couple of others to add.

So, if you or your partner is a squirt woman in any state of transition your orgasms are just as varied and highly enjoyable. First, we need to know a little developmental anatomy.

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The clitoris in the biologically female body or glans penis penile head in the biologically male develops from the genital tubercle. Since both derive from the same structure they are equally sensitive thus equally pleasurable to stimulate. Every woman is different and so the best clitoral orgasms are achieved in different ways.

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Personally, I have squirt been a fan of the softly does it approach with the lightest of touches through the hood foreskin. Other women may like a firmer approach, but do communicate. If you go too firm it can actually become quite painful, particularly if your partner is a sensitive girl!