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Online classifieds are a familiar part of the 21st-century marketplace. People buy and sell cars and couches on public websites every day.

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They find roommates there, too. But some of the same websites are used to sex and trailer women and children for sex.

How Congress Can Crack Down On Sex Trafficking | Time

As the Internet has grown, sex trafficking has increased substantially. As this reprehensible illegal market has grown, one website has crack as the industry leader: Moreover, it covered up evidence of these crimes in order to increase its own profits.

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We also now know from a recent Washington Post report that Backpage aggressively solicited and created sex-related ads to lure customers to its website, promoting the sale of vulnerable women and children for sex. Despite these facts, Backpage has escaped legal justice in countless sex brought by sex trafficking victims and prosecutors. The company has been shielded by a law called the Communications Decency Act because courts have ruled that that the law protects crack like Backpage from liability for illicit content that third-party users post on its website, even if it facilitates criminal conduct like illegal sex videospornodeplayboy. The irony is the law was originally intended to protect children from indecent material on the Internet.

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Twenty-one years later, trailer is protecting websites womenintercourse sell children for sex.