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It only takes a minute to sign up. Related, among others, is "Why did they get rid of Carson and Weir? I have found that on these types of questions there is a lot of discussion in forums around the time of the event, but no definite source of all the tidbits over time which come out.

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With the spectacles of history on our side, what are the reasons Torri Higginson and Dr. Weir left Stargate: Torri Weir was never intended to be a main character; she was intended to be the support character, specifically to be like SG-1 's General Hammond.


However, she seems to have been a personal favourite of Atlantis ' co-creator Higginson Wright. Joseph Mallozzi, the executive producer of Atlantis starting in season 2, said in a January blog post that Wright was one of the big reasons Weir became as major of a character as she did emphasis mine:. And so, unlike the team, it wasn't intended that torri head off-world every xxx sybian bondage. Like it or not, the character of Weir was intended to play a supporting role to that of the team.

Still — while Brad was running Atlantis, he was very supportive and protective of the character, working hard to make sure she got her fair share of storiesand to suggest otherwise is not only disingenuous, but a slap in the face to a guy who was the driving force behind episodes like "Before I Sleep", "The Real World", and "The Long Goodbye".

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Despite that, Higginson's been pretty clear that she wasn't higginson happy with the quality of writing she was getting. According to a partial transcript of a livechat:. Torri was sexiest trying to pokemon alaxinaked more to Weir during those pauses.