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Topless group pics

But who needs indoor events in the summer? We had a friend visiting from the West Coast, and a topless dinner with her sounded like just the thing. So off we went.

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We took advantage of the season first by gathering in front of the restaurant before the sun went down and watching it descend. Then we pics in.

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Cowgirl Seahorse is a happy little spot down by the foot of the Brooklyn Bridge, Manhattan side. They serve basic Tex-Mex fare in a lively, colorful and welcoming atmosphere.

Family irate after topless woman photobombs group photo: 'A sign of disrespect'

Did anyone object? Far from it! We were greeted by a warm round of applause when we entered, and no one at all indian smallgirlnude put out by our presence.

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In fact, a few of our fellow diners stopped by our table to say how much they admired what we were doing, and some staffers topless invited their kids to meet us. The place is female-owned and -run and queer-friendly — live events include drag brunches and the like.

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While group were there, we watched the staff hot-glue flowers to a giant s-style peace symbol.