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Teen upies

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Human teenagers get a bad reputation for being sulky, oversleeping and slamming doors. But it's not only children who go through this teenage phase, a new study has discovered.

It appears that dogs do too, and they reach their adolescence at eight-months-old. The new research studied hundreds of dogs and took behaviour reports from their owners.

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Initially aimed at finding suitable guide dogsthe study also found that upies way a dog is treated in teen early years can have a massive effect on its adult personality, in terms of its ability to socialise with humans. In fact, their treatment is much more impactful on their development than their DNA or breedthe results found.

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The results show that social factors may be the teen important in shaping a dog's behaviour, and a key socialisation period is between three to 12 weeks. In this time, the teen grils learn the difference between what is a threat and what is safe and normal.

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If they dogs do not learn to react appropriately to potential threats - such as cars, horses and cats - during this specific period, they may react adversely to them in later life. They may become aggressive or fearful as adults. Therefore, it is the owner's responsibility to upies them to such life events and make sure they understand how to behave around them.

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