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A quantitative exploration of the sociocultural context of teenage pregnancy in Sri Lanka.

Most Sri Lankans are incredibly charming and courteous to foreigners, but teen of teenage girls might want to be aware that our otherwise fantastic holiday in Sri Lanka was slightly marred by the amount of harrassment that our daughters aged 15 and 13 got from local men, particularly in Colombo and Kandy. They were subjected to a lot of uninhibited leering and catcalling, culminating in a very unpleasant experience when they were waiting for us outside a shop teens Kandy and teen subjected to a barrage of obscene gestures from two men eating in the Pizza Young cut cock across the road.

And to be clear, they were not suggestively or scantily dressed - in the Kandy case, we'd just left the Temple of the Tooth, so they were definitely fully 'modest'. As a result of this, they were not particularly comfortable in some public places, and we did have to abandon plans to travel by train and hire a driver instead.

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Thank you to baloopa for this post as it opens up an issue that, in my experience, all parents of young girls and young women - even wenon masterbating gif not so young as well - visitors need to be prepared to deal with. It happens everywhere - even when climbing the holy Sri Pada where groups of youths saunter up and down the mountain solely to target foreign women in the srilanka hours.

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It's something that those of us who live in places like Australia find strange to think of where such behaviour is low level and not accepted by the general population. To make such an observation, unasked, seems to me some how disloyal srilanka the Sri Lanka I know and teens, even though it is a reality.

I am presently planning an extended family trip and this is one of the reasons I have again booked a trusted driver who has now become a friend to our family and friends.

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This helps with cutting out the waiting around times and opportunity for unpleasant and plainly disrespectful behaviour that I don't want my teenage grand daughter to be subjected too. I am also booking private bungalows so that my grandchildren can feel safe and relaxed.

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In my mind, this is the one issue that subtracts greatly from Sri Lanka as a stand out country to holiday in. I am trying to organise an extended family holiday to Sri Lanka and will have 2 teen age grand-daughters with me.


I have taken on board your comments - thank you in advance.