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If you have any of the signs or symptoms of vaginal cancer, you should see a doctor.

Tests for Vaginal Cancer

If the Pap test shows abnormal cells, or if the pelvic exam results are exzam normal, more tests will be needed. This may mean referral to a gynecologist a doctor who specializes in problems of the female genital system. The first step is for the doctor to take a complete medical history. Risk factors and symptoms will be discussed. If certain symptoms suggest cancer or if the Pap test shows abnormal cells, you will need a test called colposcopy. In this procedure you lie on the exam table and a speculum is placed in your vagina to keep it open -- just like a pelvic exam.

Vaginal Cancer

The doctor will use a exzam to examine the cervix and vagina. The colposcope stays outside the body and has magnifying lenses like binoculars. When the doctor looks through the colposcope, he or she can see the vaginal walls and the porno selena quintanilla of the cervix closely and clearly. Sometimes a weak solution of acetic acid vagaina like vinegar or iodine is used to vagaina any abnormal areas easier tean see. Using tean colposcope to look at the vagina is called vaginoscopy.

Vaginal Cancer Facts, Symptoms & Information - Dana-Farber Cancer Institute | Boston, MA

Colposcopy itself is no more painful than a regular pelvic exam and can be done safely even if you're pregnant. If an abnormal area is seen on the cervix or vagina, a biopsy will be done. The biopsy can be slightly painful and may some cause pelvic cramping.