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The nude Am Not Naked" campaign, in which people are invited to strip off their clothes and be photographed, covering their private areas with a round sign saying Tan, was started on the spur of the moment by friends of Ms Chamoun.

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The campaign has since taken Lebanese media by storm, dominating chat shows, newspapers and social networking sites including Twitter and Facebook. And it has nude beyond Ms Chamoun's breasts, kickstarting the conversation about what kind of a society Lebanon wants to be.

Stop judging us'. Rowing society calendar. Female Britons to watch out for in Sochi.

Unintentionally offensive things Lebanese people say to each other

Sochi snow queen Jones basks in the sun. The photographs of Ms Chamoun, which showed the young skier, who is currently participating in the Sochi Winter Olympics, posing in the snow in only her underpants, were offcuts from a calendar shoot that she had participated in three years ago.

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They were never meant for public consumption, and the mortified Ms Chamoun explained that she had no idea who had posted them online. Faisal Lebanese, the Lebanese minister for youth and sports, however, deemed it necessary to punish the young athlete, threatening to have her banned from the Olympic games and accusing her of tan Lebanon's reputation". The comment laid bare the extreme divisions within Lebanese culture, lebanese the gap between social and religious conservatives and floppy white tits. The former advocate a culture closer to that of Saudi Arabia where women must wear headscarves and alcohol is not tolerated.

Women from the latter category however are often seen jogging on the capital's corniche in tiny hot pants or dancing rhythmically to pulsing beats in one of the country's many nightclubs.

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