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Taboo sex blog

I certainly have wondered this myself.

New blog from our CEO: Challenging the sexual taboo – Scottish Care

Though society is becoming more open, I know writing about sex is taboo. My mum reads this blog! Fucking Hell! Sex some ways, I find writing this blog more scary and confronting than sharing the story of my suicide attempt.

This was such a relief. Perhaps my journey with sex is quite similar. My recent trip back to Perth, the old playground, blog me of years of wreaking havoc for both business and pleasure. I burnt the candle at both ends taboo then extinguished the flame with a sea of sexual release.

Was I a sex addict?

At times the pursuit of this pressure release would outweigh all other relationships and goals. It tangled most aspects of my life, including my relationships, where they would eventually be drawn into this world of threesomes, foursomes and much moresomes.

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Fuelled by alcohol, cocaine and MDMA, parties would regularly turn into a writhing pile of people grabbing at each other all caught up in a moment of openness, pent up desire and immediate gratification.

Surely an easy way to answer this was the same way I find townsville porn everything else. Dr Google was consulted and the good doctor recommended some online multi-choice quizzes.

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I scored quite highly then realised I should talk to someone … But all these questions about sex?