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Sweden and sex

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By Terri Mapes. If you're traveling to Scandinaviaespecially in the warmer summer months, you shouldn't be surprised to see exposed breasts and even some public nudity across the country.

Scandinavian women have the highest sex drive in the world - with Irish women just behind

That's because there's a certain liberty when it comes to sex and sexuality in Scandinavia that you'll rarely find anywhere else in the world. Sexuality is treated more openly in Scandinavia, which can be quite and for visitors from other parts of the world—a topless female, for instance, is not viewed in any sexual context there—but the Scandinavian openness to nudity isn't the only thing the residents of this country are progressive about.

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Additionally, prostitution in the form of selling one's sexual services is legal, but the industry is controlled for health reasons. Scandinavia also offers health centers with free abortion counseling, abundant childcare centers, paid maternity leave, and high changingroom porn care benefits for families.

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Travelers are often surprised and how liberal Scandinavia is. You may see pornographic movie theaters and sex shops, along with naked breasts in the media or at the beach.

Sex and Sexuality in Scandinavia

Bathing topless is common, not just in Scandinavia, but all over Europe. In Norway, a visitor may see mainstream magazines sweden question and answer columns about sex sex sexuality, but it's important to note that while sexuality in Scandinavia is a liberal issue and you can buy as many erotic magazines sweden videos as you want, pornographic materials with children are still absolutely illegal.

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Sexuality in Scandinavia is treated with ease since locals haven't been brought up to think of it as a taboo, and sex education is compulsory in schools in all of Scandinavia. That's because, according to the Sex government, teaching children about sex is considered crucial to the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases—and it seems to work. Numerous studies show that Scandinavian teenagers have better sexual health, fewer sexual partners, and start being sexually active at the same age or later than selfsexvideos from the United States.

Most of the time, Scandinavians treat displays of sexuality on TV as just another part of the regular programming.