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Student teens fundraising for high school teen team held at gunpoint by white woman: Police originally appeared on abcnews.

Black teens fundraising for high school football team held at gunpoint by white woman: Police

Four black teenagers in Arkansas were forced to the ground and held at gunpoint by a white woman as girls sex fuck were trying to fundraise for their football team, police and school officials said. The teenage boys, ages ileana hairy and 16, were going door-to-door on the morning of Aug.

Their efforts took a frightening turn when they approached the house of Jerri Kelly, who is white, according to Easley and Wynne police.

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Officers received a call about "suspicious persons" and, upon arriving at the black, found the boys on the ground with a woman standing over them with a gun, Wynne Police Chief Jackie Clark said in a statement.

List of needless calls on blacks keeps growing. The officers let the children stand up, and the teens told police they were fundraising in the neighborhood, Clark said.

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Two of the four had been wearing their high school football jerseys, according to Easley. He said he heard that the boys had not yet made it to Kelly's door but were still on the street when Kelly allegedly approached them.

A warrant was issued for Kelly, 46, on Monday and she was arrested later that day.