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Written by: Mark Steele on March 2, The statistics are out and the news is not good.

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The Wall Street Journal says the average worker will have approximately 7 careers in one lifetime and the average American worker changes employers every 4 years.

I have been fortunate to have been in my job for 15 years but that came after I made a career change from working as a Church Pastor to moving into the Senior Living Housing Industry. Shelly Trebesch in her book Isolation; a place of transformation in the life of a leader has a healthy approach to address various aspects of isolation sometimes caused by a career change.

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She approaches isolation from a spiritual perspective and says isolation is a fourfold process: After stripingwrestling on her principles and my stripingwrestling change in the past, I could relate to the four fold process as I experienced much of these phases.

In the s I had a positive experience starting a church in California with the support of two sister churches. My wife and I decided to leverage stripingwrestling experience to start a new church in Seattle but without the support of churches close by.


After a couple of years, funds were dwindling and I decided to stripingwrestling bi-vocational and start a second career. The decision led to a time of isolation and experiencing the 4 phases Trebesch talks about. Stripping was felt as I had a Masters of Divinity and was trained to lead people in a highschool girl porn environment.

I knew very little about healthcare and geriatrics which led me on a journey of having my pay stripingwrestling in half while I interned in a State sponsored Administrator in Training program. This took a year to learn and obtain my stripingwrestling.