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Stewies sexy party

Party games are all the rage as of late, especially with the rise of games like Cards Against Humanity stewies Telestrations After Dark.

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Seeing as how these games rely on adult humor, it seems only logical that Family Guy would get in on the fun. Family Guy: Similar to Cards Against Humanityeach round has one player as the leader, or the party host in this case.

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That player gets a card with a paragraph of text and six blanks. Once all six blanks have been filled by the sexy on the cards handed in, the party host reads off the new paragraph, basically creating a custom Family Guy -style joke. The best part about Family Guy: There are a total of points to be earned in a game, and the best way to earn them is to gather matching cards and trade them in at the end of each round.

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This creates a fun dynamic where you might have a perfect party for bitch hardcore sex party leader, but it also matches a set in your hand. The party host also has a bit more in-depth a job than stewies picking the cards he or she likes best.

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If not, the party host will not score as many points as he or she could have. Cards can also be a bit too specific to the show. Thankfully, these cards are few and party between, sexy can just be saved and traded in to score points instead of including them in paragraphs.