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Spanking competition

Now there's a female version slapping sport that brings a whole new meaning to the phrase 'bum fights' - and it's literally called 'The Booty Slapping Championships'. The tournament sees fitness freaks from the fairer sex face off against each other to put their flesh to the test and spank each other into submission. Spanking gym vernacular, the old adage goes: And these guys really put those words competition action with their brutal booty battles.

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The rules are unsurprisingly simple: Jessie cox naked winner is the first to administer a slap hard enough to the other's behind to knock them off balance, causing them to fall over or step forward, avoiding any serious harm, which is in stark contrast to the men's version.

Not unsurprisingly, the Booty Slapping Championships has already gained some recognition online, and with the diversity of Olympic disciplines forever growing, would it be outlandish spanking wonder if we could see sexynudeshy new 'sport' on the world stage soon?

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