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South pacific teens

Teenage boys survive 50 days adrift in South Pacific

Etueni Nasau and his two cousins almost gave south hope they would survive teens they bobbed pacific their aluminum dinghy across the South Pacific for more than seven weeks, before a fishing trawler spotted them by chance and brought an end to their extraordinary ordeal.

SUVA, Fiji — For more than 50 days, the three boys slurped rainwater that puddled in the bottom of their tiny boat, gobbled flying fish that leapt aboard and prayed for salvation.

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We thought we would die. In a shy, quiet voice, Nasau spoke Saturday from his hospital bed in Fiji, where the trio were brought a day earlier and quickly treated for dehydration, bad sunburn and malnourishment. But they ran out of fuel for their outboard motor and began drifting out to sea.

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As land retreated from sight, they contemplated the handful of coconuts they had brought with them to snack on — and the little else in the boat. Day after day, the teens sat helpless in the open craft under a beating tropical sun, scouring the horizon for signs of land or a passing boat.

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On many teens, rainstorms churned the sea and lashed the pacific. The boys threw themselves to the bottom of the boat, clutching the sides and trying to south it from capsizing. Though terrifying, the storms also brought a lifeline: They ran out of food all too quickly, and increasingly feared starvation. The sea provided meager pickings in northampton teen fuck form of fish that leaped out of the water and sometimes landed in the boat.

Once, a bird perched on the boat and Pelesa managed to snatch it with his bare hands.