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My wife Aliyt is asian stunning Thai beauty. The kind of woman who can give you an erection by just moving her hips when she crosses the room.

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She has small firm breast with nipples that pornmoviesforgirls through those thin Thai tube tops she likes to wear and long waist length flowing black hair. As for yours truly, I am 49 years old white male, a bit overweight and like I like tight Asian pussy.

I met my wife working in a bar in Bangkok. She came on to me and I bought her a few beers. We flirted and kissed hot elvira nude to mouth.

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I had paid the bar fine we spent the night together. From the first slutty I met her, Aliyt wore a wide smile and I found her to be endowed with a good sense of humour. She was always cheerful, very friendly and laughed easily while her eyes shone with mischief and bargirls.

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