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Nude selfies, cold shoulders and the Hadids: the year in fashion

The most influential outfit of the year featured no clothes at all. Should you doubt the impact this image had on our fashion psyche, consider this: Yes, censor-bar chic is a thing. With it, she wore a black ribbon choker, a trend that has been worn by every female celebrity under 25 this year, and is now all over the high street.

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Which is nude pullups women, because a choker is as rude as jewellery gets. The meaning jess the choker is, basically, nudity: A year is a long time in social media.

Jess Wright poses completely naked to celebrate ‘feeling amazing in her own body’

I mean, an hour is a long time in social media, so where to start? But, the topline is: It turns out that the whole of was the skinny of that bit before the Wimbledon final when Andy Murray nude whoever that other man was knocked balls back and forth across the net, before the umpire called time and the match actually started.

If you still think Instagram is for, I dunno, drunken taxi selfies, then you need to up your game.

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