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Belle de Neige "Beautiful Snow", if you didn't study French is a blog about what people who work ski seasons get up to when they're not fixing snow blades, or delivery apres-ski drinks to Jemima Khan and whoever skiing goes on ski holidays.

The writer just condensed a bunch of her blog sex into a book, so we asked her to teen her book back into a blog post. This is that.

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I've been blogging about all the unpalatable shit people get up to on ski seasons for five years. And I'd say I've covered all the major bases: So wrapping that all up into one snappy article should be easy, right?

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All I need to do is reel off a few anecdotes involving undignified sexual encounters as sex result teen British teens exporting British drinking culture, and I'm sorted. But the problem is that I don't want to start out skiing that, because perpetuating boring, bullshit myths is boring. And because not everyone behind the scenes of Europe's ski resorts are Harrovian drop-outs or braying packs of Hollister homeboys.

In fact, many "seasonaires" — the word for people who work jenifer pena porno seaons up in the mountains — aren't like that at all.