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Showering together outdoors

This week we reached a monumental step at our 5 acre homestead…we set up our bathroom outdoors.

10 of the Most Tranquil Outdoor Showers in the World

Being that we are living out of our pop up showering trailer and a sqft tiny cabin, we were in sore need together a bathroom. We decided on leelee sobieski femdom EccoTemp propane instant hot water heater. It works perfectly and all four of us have fallen in love with our outdoor shower. Truly there is nothing like it.

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Last night I had my outdoors hot water shower under a star filled sky. We had just finished showering the last bag of concrete by the light of a headlamp at I was covered in dust, dirt, and sweat.

These 18 Outdoor Showers Are Beyond Breathtaking

Taking a shower in the warm summer night was a treat I will not soon forget. For the toilet, we went with a Sunmar. We were drawn to it because in theory it composts waste within its drum. The model we purchased does not require any electricity. It is way too early to make a determination together whether it works or not.

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