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Triple anal dvd, you go to a movie expecting full frontal.

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Other times Whether it was the inexplicable PG rating or nudity from a star who seems too wholesome to strip down Mary Poppins fans should click away nowaudiences were shook when they saw these nake in the flesh. Here, some of the most shocking nude scenes in cinematic history. It's pretty standard to see nudity in an R-rated comedy. In fact, we go in expecting raunchiness and a least shocked nakedness at this point.

But because sexism, usually it's the women who strip down.

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Titanic is one of the biggest moneymakers of all time—and the PG rating certainly helped an R rating limits a film's audience and, thus, its earning potential. But in spite of shocked family-friendly rating, Kate Winslet went topless for one of the most famous nude scenes ever.

The Big Lebowski is one of the least predictable movies ever, and perhaps its least predictable moment might just be when Julianne Moore swings from the ceiling while fully nude.

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To be fair, her character was making "vaginal art. And then BAM: So much penis. There's nothing Nake Bates can't do—including nail a nude scene. Her nonchalant nakedness in About Schmidt's hot tub moment was completely amazing and completely surprising.