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July 10, Sports Illustrated is celebrating the U.

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Not just for what they represent on the field but what they represent for women. Fighting to win not only a soccer game but a lot of other pretty fking important stuff as well.

Keep kicking ass ladies. Keep kicking a— ladies. Among the snaps shared on Instagram included edition cover girl and team co-captain Alex Morgan, who flaunted her toned body in a blue bikini set photographed by Ben Watts in St.

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Another team co-captain — and Team Ball award winner — Megan Rapinoe, showed off a playful side by kicking a soccer ball around and splashing around in a gold bikini, and also flipping the bird in a one-piece that leaves very little to the imagination. Alex, We have been friends for years and Megan, Transexual chat room and Abby I fell in love with sexy guys on our shoot.

I feel so connected to you all as humans, as aroused erect nudists woman and as a FAN. Like so many, I wanted this so badly for you all, for your team and for the world to see just what 22 women can do.

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Win, yes but use your power for good girls ways that will affect all of us. We all fight this battle as women whether we realize it or not. And you all are on the front lines taking the hits for us.

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