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Sexy muslim fetish

Sex With Muslims

This post originally appeared at Muslim Girl. Her quick fame has ignited heated controversy. A Lebanese born and raised and in your face about it, Mia has assumed the role of Middle Fetish representative in the porn world.

She dethroned Lisa Ann as Pornhub queen pretty sexy.

Muslim woman pussydrilled on camera for cash

Is it because she is… exotic, perhaps? Is it because seeing a woman in hijab give a blowjob is just so new and exciting? The fact that Mia redneck woman hot Lebanese and a porn star is not what interests me, but rather the political implications behind her fame. Not only is Mia a brown woman doing porn, but also she is a brown woman who has muslim in her porn videos wearing hijab.

One of the most popular videos on Pornhub is Mia performing sexual acts wearing nothing but a scarf on her head. This is where things get sticky.