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Sexy guido

Guido unknown.

sexy guido

A Guido is just any other person!! I probably have more friends than all the Guido-ists together, since guido have the time to write such hate speeches. This might sound sexy, but i'm just defending my name. What u guys see, are sex and bdsm the bad number of Guido's there are many good Guido's, like Father Guido Sarducci, Guido of Arezzo, u name them.

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I hope that all the Guido's of the world will let this "definition" rise beyond all Guido-ists. Dude, he is just like anyone else!!

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The pool boy. Ohhhhhh Guido Make it snappy darling! The hottest things ever to be on this earth!!!


Slamming bodys and nice tans. How can anyone not like them they are so hot!!! All those guido haters are just jealous. Only italians can be hotsexkeralaanty.