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Ian Anglin October 12th Entertainment. From long-distance runners, to ballerinas, to yogis and celebrity trainers, these sexy, trendy and in-shape fitness beauties constantly show off their gorgeous, fit bodies on social media for the world to enjoy. Thank god they do too, because I'm thirsty! But these women are more than just thirst-traps.

25 Hottest International Fitness Models for 2019

They are inspirational. Not only will we rank some of the sexiest bodies on the planet, but we will fitness list all of the proper diet and nutrition information these girls modles in their day-to-day lives - alongside all of the high-intensity interval training and different whole-body compound exercises they do to achieve success. No one sexy saying it is going to be easy to get that level of physical fitness, but at least we know that it's possible, modles thanks to these women. Follow stocking porn ass with this story and be inspired to get fit in a healthy way.

If you have ever wondered if female weightlifters are capable, you haven't seen Christmas Abbott's Instagram profile.

Top 10 hottest fitness models on social media

This girl knows how to lift quagmyre porn weights - you can see that just by looking at her sexy. All of her muscles are properly defined - in fact, her back and lateral muscles are bigger than what even some male athletes have.

Her Instagram is currently sitting at aroundfollowers, so do check fitness out. To improve your diet, Abbott recommends that you only skip on two types of products - alcohol and processed foods.

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