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Sexy deep wedgies

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When it comes to wedgies, there is nothing better than scoping out your favorite celebs in deep moment of unglamorous distress. The glitz and glamour hasn't made any of these divas immune to things like a simple showermale. You would think access to amazing fashion might stop the wedgie, but thanks to wedgies paparazzi, we can tell the wedgie is still out killin' it, one butt at a time.

Somehow stars seem so down to earth, digging fabric out of their bum! I guess they really are just like us.

Wedgies can be super embarrassing for anyone, yet some celebs are embracing the new wedgie trend wedgies uncomfortable as it may be. Love it or hate it, wedgies are back and better than ever. The only real choice is to pick, or not to pick.

These pics are proof that most legendary butts may be even more wedgie prone than ours. This one is seriously epic.

So long wedgies! Finally women are reclaiming granny pants

I'm not sure if it's the wedgie, the intense squatting deep out, sexy outfit, or that fascinating look on the usually glamorous Blac Chyna. It kind of seems like she is stuck in a wedgie trance.

Blac needs both hands to bull doze these floral shorts out of her sexy.

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