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Sexy cheerleader routines

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The bump 'n' grind dances have been criticised by university officials who think they promote a negative image of women. Cheerleaders at an American university have come under fire for their sexy dance routines that could 'encourage rape culture'. A trustee at the University of Oregon routines raised concerns about sexually suggestive dance routines performed by the Oregon cheerleaders.

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Local television news station KGW in Portland reports that Ginevra Ralph, an alum and prominent Eugene arts administrator, raised the issue at a meeting of the board of trustees. She said the school should study how the choreographed routines of the cheer squad play a role in the implications of a perceived "rape culture" on campus.

Ms Ralph added: Ms Ralph wrote in a statement: She adds: The oversight could be done by Title Thailand porn sex deputies.

Crystal Palace cheerleaders dodge a soaking with oddly cheerleader synchronised routine.

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Cheerleading "is part of the athletic department and how those routines get developed, who decides them, part of it is internally generated. Sexy something we need to look at," he told the Register-Guard. The newspaper reported that cheer coach Dana Guthrie was not made available by the school to comment for the story.