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This site contains resources for Buddhist practice, trauma healing, and social action, as well as Sexvideos. If you benefit from the material collected here, you can support us by making a donation.

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Right View. Come celebrate the holiday with chanting and setting of intentions for the retreat season. As always, talks and practices weave together personal, relational, and systemic inquiry, exploring the the movies porn of individual and collective liberation.

Here's the talks from the first part …. A new dive into the Noble Eightfold Path 8FPthe Buddha's brilliant scaffolding for integrated individual and collective liberation.

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We start, as is traditional, with Right View: Sexvideos branches focus on …. In honor of Vesak, coming up this year on May 19, a series of talks on the Buddha themself, interwoven with some discussion of the traditional verses of praise we …. Dive into the ocean of ideas, practices, and culture that gifs into modern yoga. Designed for serious students of yoga and meditation, this is a university-level introduction to Gifs history from an engaging scholar-practitioner.

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