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Blank who died inSusie Bright, Carol Queen and other sex-positive pioneers.

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Comella sextoystores a multilayered context, detailing the cultural climates, sex education histories and social positioning of female sexuality that the stores operated and flourished under An inspiring read, Vibrator Nation will engage those interested in the history of sexual pleasure as well as provide naked assjob information sextoystores those researching feminist activism and the broader field of female sexuality. It's apparent Comella has a deep respect sextoystores admiration for the people she interviewed and for their missions.

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Highly recommended. Adams Choice Lynn Comella's masterful book documents the 'sex-positive' ethos of gender and sexual sextoystores and its complex junctures within capitalism, feminism, and education. Recounting a pivotal moment, Vibrator Nation is a fascinating history lesson for the uninitiated, a gift to all who were there, and a love letter to those who call these sex tammy tate pron home.

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Essays on Pornography, Protection, and Privacy "No one is better placed than Lynn Comella to take us on a journey through the evolution of feminist-owned sex-toy stores. Through years of interviews and participant-observation, she brilliantly traces how the difficult conversations about race, class, and gender among feminist sex-toy store owners, their workers, and customers created a new kind of sexual public sphere.

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The Politics of Producing Pleasure.