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Porn Company Gives Carrie Prejean the Hard Sell

More sexy videos and misscali collection of nude photos have emerged featuring the "biblically correct" ex- Miss California Carrie PrejeanRadarOnline. Prejean acknowledged last week the existence of a video that featured the spurned beauty queen alone on-tape in footage she said was shot for her then-boyfriend, whom she "loved and cared about. Prejean called the tape the "biggest mistake" of her life on national television -- but according to RadarOnlineit isn't the only time the controversial diva has crossed into so-called sex-tape territory.

There are seven more tapes featuring solo Prejean performances, according to the mag's investigation, as well as 30 nude misscali that show Prejean either topless or completely naked standing in front of a mirror. The ex-beauty queen, who shot to national fame this spring when she publicly denounced gay marraige in the interview portion of the Sextapes USA pageant, was stripped of her Miss California crown in June. She sued the pageant after she was fired, citing sextapes discrimination," but the pageant counter-sued, alleging Prejean owed the organization for advances paid for black beauties hookups breast implants.

The two parties settled when Prejean caved in to organizers -- reportedly just after the tape surfaced.

Carrie Prejean Sex Tape: Yours for a Bargain-Bin Price?

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