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Sexschool girls

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Sex Roles. Do girls attending a single-sex school outperform their same-sex counterparts attending sexschool schools when solving a mental rotation girls known to produce substantial gender differences favoring males?

sex school girls

We found that in grade 12 girls attending a jenn jackson nude school outperformed their same-sex counterparts attending co-educational schools. In grade eight no differences between both groups were observed. As expected, the well known gender difference between 12th grade boys and co-educative girls had been found. Expectations as well as possible consequences are discussed.

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This study was supported by the German Research Foundation. We thank Michael Peters, for his friendly permission to use his tests in this study. Furthermore, we thank all pupils and teachers of the Ursulinenschule Bonn-Hersel, the Theodor-Fliedner-Gymnasium Kaiserswerth, the Goerres-Gymnasium Duesseldorf and the Luisengymnasium Duesseldorf for their support and participation.

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