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Sex toy convention

Sex toy manufacturers have tried before to mimic the sensations of cunnilingus, but their luck has convention limited. Most toys just end up looking like weird tongue-based helicopters and give ugly teen pics more headaches than orgasms.

AVN Novelty Expo

Not so with toy Satisfyer: Rather than badly replicating a good lick or yanking on your clit with too much suction, this toy uses pulses of air to exert negative pressure on your clitoris without actually touching it. That means you won't experience soreness or wrist cramping, just pleasure. How do you feel about artificial intelligence Oivita claims that after you use this pleasure device three to five times, it will learn what you like and then intensify its vibrations, shake, heat up, and even expand during use, all according to your preferences.

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What's more, the toy pairs with a phone app and can also be paired with an Apple Watch to monitor your heart rate and blood oxygen levels during masturbation. Sex waterproof, wireless, and coated in medical-grade silicone. As the souped-up and redesigned version of the original Iroha line of vibrators from sex toy mainstay Tenga, the Iroha Plus collection has already won several design awards. We adore the Tori vibrator's sleek lines and the silky feel of Tenga's signature "Soft-Touch" medical-grade silicone, as well as the powerful motor inside this toy.