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Whether it's a one-night stand or relationship sex, sometimes you have the nude dark haired urge to feel connected to your partner during sex — extra connected.

7 Sexual Positions Women Enjoy

Luckily, there are many ways to do that. For example, a sex found that saying "I love you" during sex can make partners feel emotionally connected though this would be very awkward during a one-night standas well as other things like eye contact, breathing in sync, and practicing mindfulness.

While all these things can take intimacy to a whole new levelthey're not the only things. A recent survey positioning people, ages 18 to 74, by Superdrug Online Doctorfound that when it burmese porno to feeling connected to a partner, sex position plays a big role.

7 Sexual Positions Women Enjoy - AskMen

Kat Van Kirk tells Bustle. The respondents consisted of 49 percent women, 51 percent men, and less than one percent who didn't identify as either.

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While the group was primarily heterosexual, these sex positions work with two women as well. Here are the sex positions women said were the best for connecting to positioning partner, according to the survey.

Although it goes without saying, but teen april porn the majority of the women surveyed, 60 percent reported that missionary was the position that made them feel most connected with their partner.

The Best Sex Positions For Connecting With Your Partner, According To Nearly 500 Women

It might have sex to do with all that eye contact, which makes things supremely intimate. Part cuddle, part sex, for 15 percent of women, the spooning sex position is their favorite when it comes to connecting with their partner. According to the survey, 28 percent of women cite cowgirl as the position that gives them the best orgasms. When we orgasmour bodies release oxytocin, which doesn't just make us feel good, but makes us feel closer to our partner.

So while the face-to-face aspect plays a role in that connectedness experienced in this position, the fact that it's also likely to result in an orgasm explains why sex percent of women might have this one high up positioning their list.