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Sex pistols nevermind

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The album's official release date for the U. However copies were released prior to this in mid to late Octoberby Virgin Records.

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Tracks are in a different running order to the pistols 12 track pressing. Both plain pistols sleeves and 11 track rear sleeves are found to be used on the 11 track album release.

The story behind Sex Pistols' Never Mind The Bollocks album artwork

Other combinations are possible, perhaps if records and sleeves may have been swapped over time, however the labels on the 11 track album are a constant. Known matrix configurations are listed without chronological order for the original 11 track album, and are as follows: At the time of the album's initial advanced release date, new master plates were nevermind prepared including the additional track 'Submission', thus a 12 track pressing of the album was very sex introduced to the U.

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Blue Virgin labels; 12 tracks on sex album; Producers Chris Thomas or Bill Price; no timings on labels and numerous variations on label credits exist. Tracks are in a different running order to the 11 track nevermind. Sleeve variants consist of blank, 11 or 12 tracks listed on the rear sleeve.