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Do you kiss during sex? The movies play it off like the two go hand-in-hand, but according to a recent kising, some people find the act of kissing during a sexual encounter to be "too intimate.

Want To Be A Better Kisser? Try These Tips

Some 87 percent of people reported kissing their partner, 70 percent reported cuddling, and 23 percent reported massaging. Among those who kising at least one of these three things, 20 percent reported doing all three of them, whereas nearly one in five reported kissing but no cuddling or massage.

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Interestingly, among people under 30 who hadn't kissed, 20 percent said kissing during sex would have been too sex with their last sexual partner. Relatedly, people who kissed were also more likely to cuddle, and people who did at least one of the three acts were three times as likely to say there was a lot of emotional intimacy during that sexual encounter.

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Overall, the two most common reasons for not kissing were not enjoying kissing 20 percent of non-kissers and their partner not wanting to kiss also 20 percent. A relatable 11 percent of people who hadn't kissed during their last sexual encounter noted they were worried about someone's breath, whether their partner's or nude ebony emo own.

A Kiss Can't Lie: Why Kissing Is Far More Intimate Than Having Sex

Interestingly and perhaps depressingly, people in monogamous relationships were less likely to kiss their partner during their last sexual encounter and "substantially" less likely to cuddle. The researchers couldn't parse out from the data why that might be. Some 10 percent of people who said they hadn't kissed at their last sexual encounter, however, later said they actually had kissed but "not passionately.

While people seem to have some complicated feelings about kissing, one thing's for certain: Cuddling can be a seriously enjoyable experience for sex.