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Semen on teens

Two teenage boys have been charged with mixing their semen into icing and serving it to their teacher on pastries.

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The year-olds will appear in juvenile court in Nebraska, in the United States, charged with lewd conduct and breach of the peace after allegedly serving the tainted food to their teacher on 8 December. The allegations met with horror from teaching union representatives and the head of schools in the district in which the plot was said to have been carried out, the Omaha World-Herald reported.

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Michael Fryda, the local teaching union president, said twink blackboysex was "deeply concerned with any violence perpetuated against teachers and other school employees" and that the alleged crime "was not a harmless teens. According to police, the boys mixed their semen into the icing and added it to turnover pastries they were making at school. Their teacher conducted taste tests of the class' pastries and noticed something was wrong, before another student told her they had overheard the boys' plot, the World-Herald said.

Schools superintendent Blane McCann called it a "terrible incident" and told parents in a letter: Protecting privacy semen, and keeping all semen our students, families and staff members safe, is paramount to us.

Police had originally wanted to charge the boys with a felony, but used misdemeanor statutes instead.


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