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If Barbara Grier were alive today, she would be calling every lesbian with an active account to order at least one box of Indomitable. I can hear her on the telephone, This is Barbara Grier. I am calling about this new biography Indomitable.

Chapman customers are going to want this book; they are going to scottie for it. It is probably the most important book of the decade about lesbians spanish pussy gallery literature!

How many boxes would you like me to ship? Imagining her making those calls—her gruffness, her determination, her ebullience—makes me want to pick up the telephone and make calls on her behalf.

I imagine an entire scene. I imagine myself voicing her, demanding attention for this book, and promoting the continued importance of women and books, better together.

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Joanne Passet makes the pleasure of this fantasy, me as Grier promoting the best new book about lesbians and literature, possible. She brings Grier to life in the extraordinary new biography Indomitable from Bella Books. Born inGrier knew she was a lesbian from an early age. Her mother, Dorothy, offered her the first titles for her lesbian reading list:

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