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The easiest way to be a nerd is to be yourself, eccentricities and all! Immerse yourself in a subject that you enjoy, and ask plenty nerd questions.

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Continue to read and learn, and turn your frustrations into art or creativity. Find friends with similar interests so you can discuss celeb dungeon porn passion.


Part One real Three: Thinking Like a Nerd. Know the difference between a nerd, a geek, and a dork.

How to Be a Nerd

There may be significant overlap between the three, but if anyone would care about the subtle distinctions, it would be a nerd. A girl is thought to be a highly intelligent person who has a singular passion about an academic pursuit.


They are, rather, nonsocial or socially awkward, being quite absorbed by a singular passion of intellect. A geek is thought to be an individual who is always interested in a niche activity or subject, but who is not necessarily academically inclined nor as socially inept as the nerd.